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Anti-conspiratorialist author and lecturer Chasen Derrick has landed a lucrative but highly suspect teaching post at the exclusive Dysart Academy in Southern California.  When the dean of students asks him to lead a field trip to England, Chasen reluctantly agrees, and the first few days of the tour go smoothly.

That is, until the mass abduction. The fire. The shootings. And the medieval torture.

Now the FBI, Scotland Yard, MI5, and a five-hundred-year-old secret group known as the Apollo Society are searching the country for Chasen and the only student he’s managed to hold on to: a kid as challenging and obnoxious as King Henry VIII himself.

With a debilitating case of OCD and a panic disorder that threatens to flare up around every British memorial, Chasen is forced to confront his beliefs about conspiracy theories…and his skewed understanding of guilt and forgiveness.

Propelled by plot twists and fast-paced suspense, The Field Trip takes readers on a humorous adventure exploring what is true in a world where things aren’t always as they seem.




Greg Elsasser has been a high school and junior high teacher in Los Angeles County for twenty-five years, and currently teaches English and drama. Every year he takes his students on a field trip to Europe.

He is a published playwright of six plays and the creator/writer of the award-winning television series The Adventures of Roman and Jorge. As an actor, Greg has appeared in Living Waters’ movie “Audacity” and several episodes of The Way of the Master TV show. He and his wife, Kristie, have three boys and live in Southern California.

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